celine is a pixcel artist!! so inspiring . . /(=´x`=)\
welcome to my pixel-space! b4 anything i wanted to know that my artstyle in pixelart isnt the perfect,symmetrical pixel art. its mostly freedrawn with a dot cursor, which is something i liked as a theme for my website
i am by no means a pro at drawing, but feel free to look around!

Oh psst!! please please do not use this art. this is my art space and you do not have permission to reuse any of my personal hard work for any of your projects and vice versa!! /srs
Edibles & Medium Pixels

Digital Art

Old Strawberry Collection

Sanrio Sets

Sanrio little twin star
note: this is traced over with pixels, but id still appreciate if you didnt use.

2020年4月15日 - added a 'to do list' ,, layout is almost finished!
2020年4月15日 - layout is being created!

here are my future plans for this website!! i'm hoping i can fulfill this list by the end of this month (´-ω-`)

♡ ~ toybox for my pixels
♡ ~ pixel collections
♡ ~ my pixel art page
♡ ~ F2U graphic page
♡ ~ shrines for my favourite characters

this entire website is currently very unfinished, so basically on this list would go all of the other links especially ones in my navigation. but i wanna make it pretty ☆ミ(o*・ω・)ノ