hi webspacer! this is my dollhouse! designed and drawn by me, please do not use the dollhouse layout!
this is a page for the pets i've collected/created . if any of the pets aren't made by me,clicking on them will take you to the original rightful owner!

TIP : hover for pet names ^_^

2020年4月15日 - added a 'to do list' ,, layout is almost finished!
2020年4月15日 - layout is being created!

here are my future plans for this website!! i'm hoping i can fulfill this list by the end of this month (´-ω-`)

♡ ~ toybox for my pixels
♡ ~ pixel collections
♡ ~ my pixel art page
♡ ~ F2U graphic page
♡ ~ shrines for my favourite characters

this entire website is currently very unfinished, so basically on this list would go all of the other links especially ones in my navigation. but i wanna make it pretty ☆ミ(o*・ω・)ノ